Virgilina Cemetery
Cemetery Rules

The cemetery is closed at dark each day.

New Rules effective May 1, 2018:

To continue improvement and to preserve the appearance of the cemetery requires the cooperation of all the lot owners. In order to maintain a high standard of care and safety, the Virgilina Woman's Club will ensure the maintenance of mowing at reasonable intervals and removal of dead tree limbs.

The Virgilina Woman's Club approved the following to be effective starting May 1, 2018:

  • No flowers, trees, shrubs or vines are to be planted on the gravesites or on the cemetery grounds.

  • Flowers must be in a removable container.

  • Permanent flower urns and pots must be part of the concrete grave marker and in line with all the grave stones in that row.

  • Three-legged plant stands are permitted with one arrangement.

  • Ground level flower containers, artificial flowers, wreaths, crosses, and flags for Memorial Day must be removed by July 1 of each year to permit mowing and trimming.

  • Placing toys, metal framework, Styrofoam, wood crosses, shepherd's hooks, ornaments, figurines, solar lights, ballons, wind chimes, decorative flags and similar articles upon plots will not be permitted due to the mowing and maintenance.

    The Virgilina Woman's Club reserves the right to remove any article deemed unacceptable.

    The Virgilina Woman's Club sponsors two clean up days each year - First Saturday in May and the Third Saturday in November. Note: All deteriorating floral decorations including real and artificial flowers along with the containers shall be removed. New arrangements will not be moved.

    The town of Virgilina and the Virgilina Woman's Club disclaim all responsibility for loss or damage. The town of Virgilina and the Virgilina Woman's Club reserve the right at any time to change, amend, alter, repeal, rescind, or add to these rules and regulations.

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