Virgilina Cemetery
Copyright and Disclaimer

Website and all pictures are Copyright 2006 to present by Mary Ann Shotwell,
unless otherwise noted. Graphic copyrights are shown on the Home page.

Our intent is to show pictures of tombstones / grave markers of decedents in the
cemetery before more effects of time and weather take their tolls.

We do not want to picture any names of people living that have their names already engraved,
so we have edited the names out of the picture.
If you see an error or any names missed please send an email to the WEBMASTER.

Next of Kin:
If you do not want a family member's tombstone pictured on this website
send an email to the WEBMASTER with information as to which tombstone and your name,
phone number, and how you are related as next-of-kin. Or you may call (434) 585-2201,
and leave a message on the answering machine with this information.
There will be a $40.00 fee, payable in advance, to add back pictures removed because of the costs
associated with photographing, GPS location, and web page design.

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